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Deposit cards

Popular operations
Transactions at the ATMs of  Azer Turk Bank free
Transactions at the POS-terminals of Azer Turk Bank free
Transactions at the ATMs and POS-terminals of other banks within the country 1% (min. 2.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
“Card to Card” service (Transfer from the Bank’s ATM, mobile application, or site to the Bank’s debit or salary card) free
“Card to Card” service 0.15% (min.: 0.60 AZN/USD/EUR)
“Card to Card” service (transfers onto deposit cards) 1% (min.: 0.80 AZN/USD/EUR)

based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic
Withdrawing cash from cards in foreign currency in AZN and vice versa, other transactions* 1%
Non-cash retail purchase / sale operations and other card operations in foreign currency held another foreign currency 0.50%

* Money transfers (Kart Transfer, Card to Card, Money Send, Cash by Code), e-wallet account replenishment, loan payments, account replenishment by cash through ATMs (Cash-In, Cash to any Card) and gambling

Service Tariffs
“SMS Notification” service free
PIN-change service (ATM) 0.50 AZN
 “Pos Credit”, “Cash to Card” и “Cash to Any Card” services (transfers onto salary and deposit cards) 1% (min.: 0.80 AZN/USD/EUR)
Changing the card status  (blocking, activation) and card unblocking free
Restoring blocked PIN code free
New card issuance in the case of loss or damage* 100% from the cost of the card
In the case of card damage not due to the fault of the client free
Adding card to the international “stop-list”  after it was lost 20 AZN
Transactions at the ATMs abroad 1.5% (min. 3.50 AZN/USD/EUR)
Cash Advance operations with POS-terminals held abroad 1.5% (min. 6.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
Daily limit on cash withdrawal operations with ATMs 2000 AZN/USD/EUR

* If the card is damaged not due to the fault of the client, the new card is provided after the client returns the damaged card to the Bank. The validity period of the new card will be identical to the previous card’s period

NOTE: Transactions are held by the Bank based on the exchange rates established by the Central Bank for the day of receipt of financial write-offs for MasterCard cards, and authorization day of financial write-offs for VISA cards

Charge for issuance of duplicate card 50% from the cost of duplicate card*
Erase Pin & New Pin Set 0.50 AZN
Minimum card balance requirements free
Commission for non-justified claims of payments 0.1% of the amount (min. 10 AZN – max. 50 AZN)
Fee for non-cash “Unique” operations (within the country) 1.50% (min.: 1.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
Fee for non-cash “Unique” operations (international) 1.50% (min.: 6.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
Delivery of cards or PIN envelopes via post (International)** 60 AZN
Delivery of cards or PIN envelopes via post (other regions of Azerbaijan)** 20 AZN
Delivery of cards or PIN envelopes via post (Baku)** 10 AZN
* In case of requesting a duplicate linked to the account of main card. This applies only if the holder transfers the rights of usage to the third party. If the type of duplicate card is superior to the main card, the fee should be paid fully. Ordering duplicates for and “VISA Infinite” cards is possible only if duplicate will be of the same type

** Cards and PIN envelopes delivered separately

NOTE: Upon customer request, the payment can be made in any currency accepted by the Bank, according to its tariffs for charges and fees on products and services. For such cases carried operation is based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic for the date of the operation
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