atb360 terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for use of mobile banking services

This document defines the conditions for using the “Mobile Banking” service (hereinafter “Terms”) provided by Azer-Turk Bank OJSC to the bank’s client (hereinafter “user”). The user undertakes to comply with the current conditions for using the Mobile Banking service. If you have any questions related to this document, answers can be obtained by contacting the Call Center of Azer-Turk Bank OJSC or by writing an official appeal to the bank.


Bank – Head office, branches and sub branches of the open joint stock company “Azer-Turk Bank”

User – An individual who connects to the Mobile Banking service to carry out banking operations

Mobile Banking – a service that manages bank accounts provided for in the Terms and allows the User to perform certain operations remotely through a mobile application (using a password and enhanced electronic signature in the cases specified in the Terms). Mobile Banking can only be used on mobile (supported by subscribers / users of all mobile operators) devices (supported by iOS and Android platforms)

Tariff – A document containing information on commissions and service charges
set by the Bank for services provided through the Mobile Banking system

Login – The name on which the client is registered in the system for the recognition of the client by the system

Password – A special code entered in the system  to identify the user in the system. This code can contain letters, numbers and symbols.

Software – A special application or set of software created for use on mobile devices and allowing data processing.

Internet service provider – Organization providing access to the Internet and Internet services

Session – Activity for a specified period of time after a user logs in the system

Page – A special visual structure created by a computer program that allows the client to track the entered and received information

Transition link (hyperlink) –  A link that provides direct access to internal or external resources or sources.

Intellectual property –  Ownership rights to works, integrated circuit layouts, datasets, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications protected by copyright

terms and conditions for use of mobile banking services

Trademark – This is a legally protected  trade name, trademark, or their association, in other words, a properly registered trademark (logo, mark, logo) that serves to distinguish the goods of one
company from another company

Copyright – The right of the author to transfer the rights to use his work to third parties. Copyright applies to both published and undisclosed scientific works, literature, computer programs and operating systems that are the result of creative activity, regardless of their purpose, value and content, as well as form and method of expression

Logo/ Logotype – Representation of a company name by a special number, letter or other descriptive form and ideogram

NFC payment – It is a contactless form of payment that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to exchange information between card readers and payment devices

Token – This is a unique digital identifier created and used in place of actual payment card information to ensure payment security


Operations through the Mobile Banking  Service (hereinafter referred to as the system) are regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regulations of the Central
Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, rules and procedures of Azer-Turk Bank OJSC. The list of services used in the system may be revised and changed by the Bank without prior notice to the User.


The user agrees to keep secret the login and password, mobile phone number and will not transfer this data to third parties. The user agrees that he will regularly change the password he
uses to ensure security. If login information, mobile phone and identification means and data are lost or used by third parties, the user must immediately notify the bank. The Bank is not liable for any damage caused to the user by access to the system and operations performed by a third party as a result of a breach of confidentiality. The user agrees that when a mobile phone or
mobile device is used for identification, he will take the necessary measures to keep the device in working order and not to suspend the service provided by the mobile operator, as well as to
ensure the reception of data in the Republic of Azerbaijan and abroad.

The User agrees that the Bank is not responsible for the acceptance of the identification code for a mobile phone or mobile device by a third party and its use in the system on behalf of the User.

The user agrees that he / she will access the system from his / her mobile device or from a secure device that he / she trusts, and will access the system and perform operations securely and from safe locations.

The user agrees that the use of illegal and expired (or damaged) software while connecting to the system may affect the security of the system.

The user agrees that he will make every effort to prevent such incidents in the future. The user will use the services of a reliable internet provider to connect to the system. The user is responsible for the continuity and reliability of the Internet connection chosen by him to connect to the system. The user agrees that payments for using the application (including roaming charges) may be made by the mobile service provider, and is responsible for these payments.

The user minimizes access to the system in public places to ensure the safety of operations in the system.

The user agrees that he will not allow access to the same account using three or more mobile devices at the same time. Access to the system from a mobile device during a session is prohibited.

The user agrees that a period of inactivity applies to the system, and if the user is logged into the system, but does not work in it for the period specified by the bank, he will automatically log out of the system.

The user agrees that at the end of his work in the system, he will close the window, program, etc. and log out by following the logout procedure.

The user agrees that he will comply with all security measures when entering the system and during the period of work in the system.

The User agrees that when activating NFC payments through the MDES platform without opening the mobile application, the Bank is not responsible for any unidentified transactions. NFC payments will be made without a PIN or biometric verification, to the extent permitted by law, and for transactions exceeding this limit, using a PIN or biometric verification.


With the purpose of fulfillment of orders for banking products and services, the Bank retains the right to receive and process information about the individual, place of work, income (salary, pension, etc.) and credit obligations from various information data bases as well as request information in the Credit Register of the Azerbaijan Credit Bure


The user agrees that financial transactions in the system can be carried out if there are sufficient funds in the user’s account to make the payment and pay the bank’s service fee, and the recipient’s
details are specified correctly. The user agrees that if the account is seized or frozen in the cases provided for by law, the bank will not conduct financial transactions on the account.
The user agrees that financial transactions in the system can be suspended by a court decision or by other state bodies in the manner prescribed by law.


A token created for one device is not used on another device. If a payment card is used on a device with multiple NFC features, a different token is used for each feature. The creation of a token is possible only on the basis of a request sent by the cardholder himself through the device. It is impossible to create a token based on an application to the bank (call, email, application through the website, etc.). For the issuing bank, an operation made through a token is considered equal to an operation made with a payment card to which the token is linked.


Do not create conditions for the tokenization of payment cards on third-party devices; As with payment cards, token generating devices should not be in access to third parties;

When you stop using a token-activated device, the token must be removed from that device;

In case of loss, theft or illegal use of a mobile device by third parties, immediately notify the Bank by calling 945 or via WhatsApp: +994 55 7770 945;

The removal or blocking of the token from the device is carried out by the cardholder. When a payment card is blocked, the token is blocked.

Similarly, when a payment card is cancelled, the token is cancelled. As in the case of a payment card, when using a token, you must follow security rules. The cardholder is responsible for all transactions made with the token until the token or payment card is blocked. When using biometric identification devices (fingerprint authentication, face recognition, etc.) on the device, the cardholder must ensure that the device does not have second party authority to perform transactions. Otherwise, the identity will be taken as belonging to the client.


The bank charges a commission for transactions in the system. The service fee is determined by the bank’s tariffs depending on the type of banking operations. The service fee for the operation performed by the user is debited from the account from which the operation is carried out. If the user’s account does not have enough funds to withhold the service fee, the operation is suspended by the system. In this case, the user can deposit additional funds into the account or refuse to complete the transaction.


To register in Mobile Banking, the user enters a mobile phone number in the appropriate field. In this case, the mobile phone number means the number that is provided when concluding
any agreement with the Bank and has not been changed. The mobile phone number must be unique and not be indicated in the information of another client of the Bank. When a mobile
number is found in the Bank’s operating system, a 4-digit one-time password is sent to the User’s mobile phone number. After entering a 4-digit password in the corresponding field of “Mobile
Banking”, the User fills in the corresponding fields 16 digits of the payment card issued by the Bank, its validity period and CVV code. If the entered information is correct, the User defines a 4-digit password for access to Mobile Banking and transactions, and logs into the system.


The User agrees that the time allotted for conducting transactions in the system is determined by the Bank and may be limited for security reasons. The User agrees that the Bank has set a period of inactivity in the system of 5 (five) minutes. If there is no activity on the system during this period, the user is automatically logged out. The user must log in again to continue using the system.


The user should only use the system himself and should not authorize use by third parties on his own behalf. When the user instructs a third party to enter the system and conduct transactions on
his / her behalf, the third party is deemed to have automatically accepted the terms and conditions for using the Mobile Banking service. The User agrees that the User is responsible for any transactions made by third parties on his behalf, and for the results of these transactions.


The user agrees that the bank may suspend the user’s operations in the Mobile Banking system in cases stipulated by law.


The User agrees that if the Bank has doubts about the transactions carried out in the system in the following cases, the Bank may at any time suspend, postpone or refuse to execute the
payment order:

• if the transaction contradicts the • requirements of national or foreign legislation;
• if the transaction directly or indirectly serves or covers the financing of illegal actions.
The User agrees that, at the request of the Bank, he will provide the Bank with all the necessary information to manage risks in the field of money laundering or terrorist financing or to comply with national or foreign legislation;

The user agrees and accepts that the Bank can provide all information regarding the user account to the following persons:

• any law enforcement agency, government agency or court in the manner prescribed by law;
• to a correspondent bank, information on payments made, in order to comply with legal requirements;

The User guarantees compliance with these provisions on behalf of a third party or on his own behalf until he sends a notification of the provision of a power of attorney to the Bank. The User agrees, declares and undertakes to the Bank that operations carried out in the System on behalf of the User’s mobile bank will not violate the requirements established by the legislation on money laundering.


The User confirms that the information he provides to the Bank is complete, accurate and correct. The User agrees that the personal information provided to the Bank is necessary to conduct
transactions in the system, and this information may be disclosed to third parties in cases provided for by law for conducting transactions in the system. The Bank confirms that the information entered by the User into the system, transactions carried out in the system, information about the user’s bank accounts are bank secrecy. However, in cases and in the manner prescribed by law,
the User’s personal data, bank accounts and information about transactions in the system can be provided to third parties in cases provided for by law. The User agrees that in order to eliminate technical problems that may arise when using the User’s Mobile Banking, the Bank automatically collects the necessary information using login files, cookies and other technical means, including data reflecting the User’s activity in the Mobile Banking. The user agrees that, within the framework of cooperation, he is ready to comment on the operations carried out in the system at a reasonable request of the Bank.


The Bank may terminate the provision of Mobile Banking services to the user for any reason, with or without notification of the user. The Bank may also suspend the provision of Mobile Banking
services due to system innovations or software updates. If the bank stops providing Mobile Banking services without notifying the user, he must inform the public about his decision through social media channels. In this case, the termination of the provision of services begins from the moment the official information is posted. In case of termination of the Mobile Banking service at the initiative of the User, the User can carry out transactions with his accounts in the Bank by visiting the Bank.