mission and strategy

Azer Turk Bank, a reliable business partner, financially supports the real sector of the country’s economy, provides prompt service through introducing modern banking technologies

strategic vision

becoming the most innovative bank which quickly and efficiently identifies customer needs and provides them with targeted products and services through employing a professional team

strategic objectives

target product

  • becoming a digital financial supermarket for customers, offering them products and services that meet their needs;

sales channels

  • achieving fast and seamless service through alternative sales channels (digital banking);


  • becoming the closest business partner for small and medium businesses


innovativeness – we offer innovative products and services, using modern banking technologies and introducing new trends in banking to fully meet the rapidly changing customer demand

leadership – we try to be the best in every business we initiate

team spirit – our professional managers and employees who make accurate and flexible decisions, have a progressive, customer-oriented mindset and a strong team spirit

employee satisfaction – we develop a tangible and intangible motivation system to satisfy each employee of the bank, which ensures a healthy working environment and their loyalty to the bank and customers

customer satisfaction – we offer high quality and innovative products and services through multi-channels, to best meet the needs of customers in an ever-changing world

loyalty – we justify the trust of our customers and business partners through good business practices

flexibility – our professional team continues to loyally work with customers and partners through making right, flexible decisions at a time when technology is rapidly advancing and competition is intensifying