Azer Turk Bank is a partner of Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, Azerbaijan Banks Association, MasterCard International payment system, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), the Azerbaijan Government Payment Portal, Western Union, UPT, Contact, Monex international money transfer systems and is one of the shareholders of the Baku Stock Exchange.


The US Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, FATCA, on 18 March, 2010, which came into effect on 1 January, 2013. The act requires foreign financial institutions to report to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) information about clients, who are U.S. taxpayers. The main goal of the law is to prevent tax evasion by American taxpayers and increase federal tax revenues.

Based on FATCA requirements, Azer Turk Bank is registered on the electronic portal of the US Internal Revenue Service.
FATCA status of the bank is ‘a financial institution that provides information in accordance with Model 1 IGA.
Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): 64ILK7.99999.SL.031

correspondent banks


bankSWIFT codeaccount
Citibank /New York, USA/CITIUS33XXX36120557


bankSWIFT codeaccount
Commerzbank AG /Frankfurt, Germany/COBADEFFXXX400886553700EUR


bankSWIFT codeaccount
T.C.Ziraat Bankasi A.Ş. /Ankara, Turkey/TCZBTR2AXXXTR450001001401999000045020


bankSWIFT codeaccount
Commerzbank AGCOBADEFFXXX400886553700GBP


БанкSWIFT кодСчет
Commerzbank AG /Frankfurt, Germany/COBADEFFXXX400886553700CHF


bankSWIFT codeaccount
Bank “IBA-Moscow” LLC /Moscow, Russia/IBAZRUMM30111810500000002753